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Private Lessons, & Behavior Consults


Learn from the most highly qualified professional trainers and behavior consultantss! Our trainers and consultants utilize the most up-to-date science-based training and behavior methodologies to grow the human-animal bond. We are pain-free, fear-free, force-free, and coercion-free trainers.


Our goal is to help you create a long-lasting, trusting relationships with your canine companions, built on a solid foundation of positive, practical and science-based learning theories. With a large focus on understanding canine behavior, we implement our training philosophy called Stress Prevention Training.  We give our clients the knowledge they need to ensure their dog is happy, healthy and successful in every day life, ensuring each canine can navigate the human world with confidence.

We offer all levels of classes in addition to our therapy dog training. Classes we regularly offer include: Dog Life Skills (foundation class), Advanced skills, Puppy class, Leash skills, Outdoor Skills, and CGC Prep. We are adding new offerings all the time, too! You don't have to be looking to become a therapy dog team, either; these classes are for all dogs, open to all breeds of all ages.

Please be sure to read and abide by our position statement.

Spots are limited in our classes and events. We do not offer refunds if a class or event has begun and cannot hold spots if there is an outstanding invoice. All proceeds go to the continuance of our mission.


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Now offering Virtual Private Lessons & Consults!

Need help teaching your dog the basics? We can help you and your canine from the comfort of your home!

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Classes are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions. If you cannot attend a class, lesson, or consult after you have paid we will consider the associated fee a donation towards our programming.

*Our classes are planned according to the number of class sign-ups and changes in class registrations affects our ability to plan and could cause the entire class to be cancelled. Please take this into consideration.