Standards of Practice

Animal Assisted Professionals follows Animal Assisted Intervention International's (AAII) Standards of Practice (2018) as a supporting organization and member, as well as maintains policies specific to our own Therapy Animal Program (see Therapy Animal Program page).  AAII's standards have been produced by the authors under the direction of the Members and the Board of Directors for Animal Assisted Intervention International to help and encourage individuals, organizations, institutions, and health and human service providers who are interested in, or are implementing, an animal assisted intervention (AAI) program. These standards are a minimum of what is required to conduct an AAI program according to AAII. AAP utilizes and abides by such standards to ensure AAI services provided by AAP are legitimate and professional, appropriate, legal, well-informed, and ethical.  AAII, and by extension AAP, considers this a living document that will undergo revisions as needed to keep up with the scope of AAI around the world. All AAP therapy animal teams are required to read, sign, and abide by our Standards of Practice and policies and procedures manual.

*Note these standards are specific to dogs however, the general standards of practice for AAP applies to all species working within AAP's Therapy Animal Program.

Read AAII's Standards of Practice by clicking the SOP button below